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What is Mastermind MD?

The concept of Mastermind groups was originally developed by the iconic entrepreneurial author. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich). He said that no two minds ever come together without creating a third mind. the Mastermind. It is a separate force that adds energy, creativity, and a spiritual connection.

Mastermind MD is a peer-to-peer mentoring group where members address and solve problems in their individual practices by leveraging the input and experience from other members of the group in a high-engagement setting.

Why Join the Mastermind MD

Most doctors and surgeons indicate that the biggest area missing from their formal education and training is business-related knowledge. Information and training. Although they received clinical experience. they lacked hands-on insights to build a practice: to attract management. and lead a practice team and to market and create a recognizable, credible brand. But a Mastermind Group Is more than just a business course or seminar. It brings a different dynamic and delivers additional benefits to Its members.

  • Create deep, supportive connections with great people and colleagues.
  • Challenge yourself to improve.
  • Make yourself more accountable.
  • Gain more focus and clarity.
  • Get new ideas and strategies.
  • Stimulate creativity, brainstorming and risk-taking.
  • Receive trusted, honest feedback.
  • Increase practice profitability.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Build your confidence.
It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.
- Napoleon Hill
How Mastermind MD Works
  • The Mastermind introduction is a full day of information, stimulating conversations, and collaborative sharing in a safe, stimulating environment.
  • Mastermind groups are made up of 6-10 doctors/surgeons. Each is in a different market.
  • Each group meets for roundtable discussions on relevant practice building, management, and marketing subjects.
  • It is essential for all members to get the most out of their group experience, so each member freely shares their insights and information with non-competitors.
  • Each participant sits in the “Hot Sear to bring their most pressing challenge, issue, or opportunity for the group to discuss. brainstorm and share their real-world experiences.
  • Leading industry experts are also brought in to speak on timely, leading-edge strategies and stimulate productive dialogs with members.
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What To Expect at Mastermind MD

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast lunch, refreshments and after-session reception to connect with colleagues in a casual, social setting.
Walk away with specific action items and plans to no your biggest practice challenge or capture your greatest opportunity.
Get new ideas on marketing, sales, and management and learn from other successful practices.
Develop lasting collaborative relationships with colleagues that share the same spirit of improving their practices and personal lives.
No high-pressure. sett-promoting sales presentations or pitches; just great information and a productive experience.

Is Mastermind MD Right For You?
Mastermind group experiences are not for every doctor or surgeon. As a Mastermind MD member, you must agree to actively participate and be willing to give more than your get, to provide honest, candid feedback, to share your best ideas, and contribute value to the group.
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